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Photo Meta Edit
Current Version 2.1.8
What is Photo Meta Edit

This is a simple photo metadata editor for Jpeg and Tiff image files.
Enable to edit embedded metadata in image files, enable to add metadata into image files.

Supported metadata types:


### Note ###
This app is NOT for editing the library of Apple's Photos.
Apple's Photos makes the metadata files "metaSchema.db", "Library.apdb" and so on in the Photos.photoslibrary > database while importing image files. Photos shows metadata written in the metaSchema.db, not show metadata embedded in the imported image files. Since Photo Meta Edit does edit metadata embedded in the image files, not edit the metaSchema.db, Apple's Photos does not show the changes. If you want Photos to show the changes, re-import image files to remake the metaSchema.db of Photos.
It would be better to edit before importing images for avoiding unexpected troubles in Photos. Photos never edit original imported image files. The data files in the Photos.photoslibrary should not be edited by 3rd party apps. It could make some troubles.

System Requirements

macOS 10.10 or later

Supported Formats

Please backup your data before using this app.

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