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User Guide

Sample Movie [Download]

Opening Files

Choose File > Open..., select a file(s). Or drag and drop a file(s) to the application icon.

Adding a Subtitle Track

Subtitle text data are stored in subtitle tracks.

Double-click on the text, and then you can edit it.

Inserting a Subtitle Text

Move the playhead to the time to insert, Choose Subtitle > Insert Text.

Subtitle Text Duration

Each subtitles appear until the next subtitle comes in. And the last one appear until the end time of the own track. If you do not want to stay a subtitle on the screen until the next or the end time, insert an empty text at the time to disappear that.

'Hellow Goodbye' is on the screen until 02:24.

'Hellow Goodbye' is on the screen until 01:54, and then no subtitles until 02:24.

Removing a Subtitle Text

In the subtitle text List, select a subtitle text you want to remove, and then push the delete key.

Changing a Start Time

In a main window, Double-click a Start Time on the subtitle text list. and then you can edit it. Or drag the Current Time and drop it into a subtitle text in the list. The start time will change to current time. A start time can be changed between the previous and the next subtitle text start time.

Setting a Track Duration

Move the playhead to the time you want to set the end of a track, Choose Subtitle > Set Track Duration > Current Time.
'End of the track' lists at the end of the subtitle list.

Select the 'End of the track' and delete it, or choose Subtitle > Set Track Duration > End of Movie, the track duration will be same the movie's duration.

Subtitle Track Settings

Select the Track tab in the inspector panel and select a subtitle track in the track list.

SDH Indicates that the track is for SDH (Subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing).
Extended Language For examples: English(United States), English(United Kingdom)
Offset and Size You should not change these values directly. The values are set automatically when you click the Top or Bottom button of Default Subtitle Placement.
Default Subtitle Attributes
Placement Subtitles are shown at the top or bottom.
Color Text color
Style Bold, Italic and Underline
※Text styles are ignored depending on movie players.
※2-byte characters are not affected by italic style.
Subtitle Text Attributes

Select a subtitle in the subtitle list in the main window, select the Text tab in the inspector panel.

Style and Color
  1. Click the Edit Text button, then the inspector will be edit mode and the button title will be changed to Done.
  2. You can change the subtitle text and text style/color.
  3. Click the Done button after editing. The subtitle text has the attributes of style/color.
  4. The star mark "✭" appears at the left side of the text in the subtitle list.

In the main window, you cannot edit directly the subtitle texts that has attributes of style/color.


Subtitle texts are shown at the top or bottom.

Forced Subtitle

Indicates whether the text is a forced subtitle.

In the Main Window:
The "Ⓕ" appears at the right side of the start time.

In the Inspector Panel:
If a subtitle track contains Forced Subtitle texts, the "(F)" appears at the right side of the track type.
If all subtitle texts in a subtitle track are Forced Subtitle, the "Ⓕ" appears at the right side of the track type.

Whether it functions as a forced subtitle depends on the application you use. On QuickTime Player (v10.4) or iTunes (, the language of the subtitle track and sound track must match the system language of the device (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc.).

Changing Subtitle Track for Editing

Choose View > Audio & Subtitles > a language of subtitle track you want to edit. Or choose by the Subtitle pop-up button (looks like a balloon).

Adding Subtitles by SRT file

You can add a new subtitle track by importing an SRT file.

After open a movie file, choose File > SRT > Import..., select an SRT file in the open dialog sheet and click the OK button.

Play Control Keyboard Shortcuts
Space bar or ReturnPlay or Stop
Command (⌘) - ↑Go to the beginning of a movie
Command (⌘) - ↓Go to the end of a movie
Go back one frame
Go forward one frame
Command (⌘) - ←Go back 5 seconds
Command (⌘) - →Go forward 5 seconds
Command (⌘) - Option - ←Go back 30 seconds
Command (⌘) - Option - →Go forward 30 seconds
A Technique for solving that subtitles does'n display in QuickTime Player (10.3 (727.1))

QuickTime Player does't display a first subtitle text. But if you click or drag the playhead (the small diamond) in the timeline, and then the text is displayed.

For solving the problem, insert a short duration empty text like as the following.