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User Guide

Opening Files

Choose File > Open and select the file(s). Or drag the file(s) to the application icon.

When you open two or more files, you have to choose which window you use, Single file window or Multiple files widow.

Editing Date-Times in Exif on the Single file window

You can edit the date directly on the date fields.

Editing Date-Times in Exif on the Multiple files window

Enter values in the fields at the top of the window, and then push the apply button, all dates checked for editing will be changed.

You can also directly edit a date-time with double-click on it. And you press the return key with the shift key to change two other date-times to the same.

Notice for using Time Interval Changing

The values of batch conversion time fields are applied in a left-to-right order.
year → month → day → hour → minute → second.

The following examples are for preventing unexpected results.

When you edit two or more different dates by using the Backward/Forward function, you'd be better off to use a number of interval days.

To calculate days between two dates: Choose View > Show Day Calculator.