Great app for adding chapters to videos. Does exactly what it claims.
Sep 18, 2016 - v2.1.4
by rekkss
This is a well made app for adding chapters to a video file, without re-encoding the video and audio tracks. It's very intuitive and works great!
Fait exactement ce que je cherchais !!!
Feb 24, 2016 - v2.1.3
by TorpidLittle
mChapters fonctionne très bien pour ajouter et/ou éditer les chapitres d’un fichier vidéo.
Et la sauvegarde de la version modifiée s’exécute rapidement, car aucun réencodage n’est nécessaire. Seul un remixage des pistes est fait.
L’interface est très bien fait et très intuitif. Il supporte également plusieurs langages pour les différentes pistes.
La seule raison pourquoi je n’ai pas donné 5 étoiles: On peut exporter les chapitres dans un fichier texte mais, on ne peut pas faire d’importation de chapitres à partir d’un fichier texte. Dommage... Je recommande mChapters quand même !
Super - Kapitelmarker wie früher
Dec 08, 2015 - v2.1.3
by qgeorge62
Ja, mein Vorgänger hat es ja schon gesagt. Super Tool, um Kapitelmarker zu setzen. Unglaublich hilfreich für Live-Konzerte, um von Titel zu Titel zu springen. War früher mal der Standard, als iTunes für Filme und Musik noch ein einziges Programm war in iOS. Irgendwie hat sich wohl alles verschlimmbessert. Ja, sicher, es gibt, wenn man es weiß, eine Methode, den QuickTime-Movies eine zusätzliche Textspur zu spendieren, in der die Kapitelinformationen hinterlegt werden/sind. Nur, wer weiß/kann das schon?! Ich habe echt keine Ahnung, warum Apple das abgeschafft hat. Ich weiß, wie das geht, bin aber über die native komplizierte Vorgehensweise enttäuscht. - Schade. - Kapitelmarker lassen sich in allen QuickTime-Movies setzen, also: mov, mp4, m4v, ja sogar in reinen Audio-Dateien. Diese Software macht das erstaunlich einfach. Man muss die technischen Hintergründe hier gar nicht wissen und kennen, super. Joerg.
Oct 28, 2015 - v2.1.2
by みつうき
Oct 23, 2015 - v2.1.2
by Pbox1014
Waited So Long for an App Like This
May 07, 2015 - v2.1.2
by computer savage
I routinely deal with long form videos for work and need a quick way to add chapters for client reviewal. I hated having to go into a full-blown editor and a render process just to add some markers. This app allows you to quickly pass through your video and add text markers that show up in Quicktime, iTunes, and iPhone. Brilliant—thank you so much!
May 01, 2015 - v2.1.1
by Петухов
Приложение хорошо, мне нравился просто и доволен. Цена нормально. А есть мелочи недостаток и проблема немного есть. Например часто сам автомат закрыт из-за видео много. Еще нет русский язык. Бы русский язык и плавно работает любой формат. Спасибо
Works, but awkward
Apr 02, 2015 - v2.1.1
by PickleOfTheNorth
Solved my problems with adding chapters. But the workflow to this is extremely awkward, and the only instructions are a tutorial video that only goes through the convoluted basics. That said, it works when you’ve got it worked out.
Mar 28, 2015 - v2.1.1
by Vnstr7
I used this 2 years ago and am happy to rediscover it again! I am using this to create bookmarks/chapters for my video tutorials.
Need Markers Recognised In FCPX...
Feb 26, 2015 - v2.1.1
by Sean Dillnutt
Great for alleviating future re-logging of footage whilst in Post Production. You’ve marked your video / audio once, so there’s never a need to repeat the process. Open up quick look (mac) / Quicktime & skim through your Marked up footage.
Would be extremely useful, invaluable to have the chapters recognised by FCPX (currently using 10.1.4) so not to have to input all the timecoded Markers into FCPX.
One final thing, having J,K & L to rewind, pause & forward would help in workflow, rather than jumping back / forward with 5 - 30 seconds.
Simple to use tool
Jan 17, 2015 - v2.1.0
by Quibling
Well written app which does exactly what its says it will do. Quick and easy to use and very accurate. A quality product. Thanks
chapters from mChapters saved file not recognized in iDVD
Jan 07, 2015 - v2.1.0
by VV butterfly10
Version 2.1.0, saved movie files from mChapters when used in iDVD, no Chapters are identified. I can take a version 2.0.9 saved movie file and iDVD will recognize the chapters. It is disappointing to have to look for a new application after paying for this one.
Fixed the issue in v2.1.1.
Do not buy under any circumstance - BROKEN
Dec 19, 2014 - v2.0.9
by DruzeMan
I should have listened to the review from earlier in December. This app just does not work! It will prompt you for the video file name and then just hang. I was so upset that iMovie 10 does not allow chapter markers, I bought this too quickly. Very bad!!
Application not responding
Dec 11, 2014 - v2.0.9
by RJWhelan
Well… another one has taken my money. This app was purchased, I clicked on the icon and a box popped up for me to load in the file. i choose the file and it hangs there. Outside of the pictures within the app store, I have not even seen the app, menus or buttons. I would steer clear if I were you. Do not purchase this non-working app.
Sep 05, 2014 - v2.0.8
by sofunky
mp4ファイルにチャプターを設定してみました。外出時に子供にiPad miniでムービーを見せる際に、早送りで再生したい位置を探すのが面倒だったので、mp4にチャプターを設定したかったためです。バージョン2.0.8では-30秒、-5秒、-1/30秒、-1/100秒、+1/100秒、+1/30秒、+5秒、+30秒のボタンがあり、画面切り替わりの正確な場所を探しやすいです。(早送り・巻き戻しのボタンは一度押すと1/30秒移動で、長押しが早送り・巻き戻し。再生&停止ボタンの横にある< >が1/100秒)また再生速度も0.5倍、0.8倍、1倍、1.5倍、2倍、3倍から選べます。 最初に「マーカー」メニューから「マーカーを入れてテキストトラックを追加…」を選択して適当にマーカーを入れ、チャプター設定位置を調整していきます。もちろんチャプター名も設定出来ますが、QuickTimeでは設定したチャプター名が表示されるも、iTunesとiPad miniでは表示されませんでした。再エンコードをしないので保存も速く、保存後(チャプター設定後)のファイル容量も変わりません。同じようなアプリのChapter Maker、Chapter Writerも試しましたが、再エンコードをしているようで保存に時間がかかるうえ、保存後のファイル容量が飛躍的に大きくなりました。保存の設定を探しましたがそれらしき設定は見当たらず、iPadでの視聴を目的とした(ストレージ容量が気になる)使用には向きませんでした。iPadやiPhoneでの視聴がメインで、mp4ファイルにチャプター設定をしたい方は、これを選んで間違いありません。movは試していないのでコメント出来ません。
App Good, Guide Bad
May 29, 2014 - v2.0.7
by JBR63
Where is information on how to add Poster Frames? What does the Chapter Reference pull down menu do when you select the varous options? Where is a true support page? Too many questions not answered in the app or on their site.
May 09, 2014 - v2.0.7
by Dr_Chris_H
A great little app for adding chapters to audio podcasts and audiobooks (haven’t tried it with video).
Best Chapter Marker!
Mar 23, 2014 - v2.0.7
by CMP
I have tried different chapter marker editors and this one works the best for me.
Endlich wieder Kapitel-Marker setzen!
Mar 22, 2014 - v2.0.7
by mailtooak
Also ich muss jetzt mal hier meiner Freunde kund tun, denn seit Ewigkeiten suche ich nach einer Möglichkeit in meinen Filmen wieder Kapitel-Marker zu setzen. Da ja aus iMovie 10 die Möglichkeit Kapitel-Marker zu setzen verbannt wurde, war ich schon kurz davor FinalCut zu kaufen. Da bei dem Programm „mChapters“ noch keiner eine Rezension geschrieben hat, war ich mir natürlich sehr unsicher diese App zu kaufen. Allerdings sind ja nun im Vergleich zu 269 € für FinalCut - knapp 5,00 € auch nicht die Menge an Geld. Bis jetzt hält meine Freude noch an, denn das Programm tut genau das was es soll und das wirklich sehr gut. …bis jetzt zu mindestens!! ….sollte ich noch negative Erfahrungen machen, werde ich es hier noch schreiben! Sehr gut finde ich, dass das Speichern des Filmes ohne neue Codiervorgänge stattfindet, also relativ schnell.
Nice alternative since iMove 10 does not support Chapter markers
Feb 04, 2014 - v2.0.7
by cxb10
This App provides an easy way to add Chapters to iMovie videos now that the latest iMovie no longer supports Chapter markers. You just open the exported iMove file with mChapters and add Chapter(s) at any point you wish. However, iMovie’s exported file has the mp4 extension and the old Quicktime programs like iDVD and Quicktime Player 7 do not recognize chapter tracks in an mp4 file. From the Finder simply change the extension from mp4 to m4v before or after editing with mChapters and the chapter track will be recognized.
Does not work
Nov 05, 2013 - v2.0.5
by John Graybeal
Will not excpet a .mp4 video OS X. Sorry.
Does what it needs to do
Apr 24, 2013 - v2.0.4
by grahams106
Best of all the chapter marking utilities I've used. Allows very fine control of where you place the markers. What's neat is that if you've made a mistake you can position the playhead at a new point and simply drag the correct timecode over to the chapter marker - and it just updates! The top left panel could do with some better explanation for novices and I would like to see J-K-L keyboard support for jog and shuttle control - having to use your mouse and click on the forward and rewind icons is a real pain. But other than that a very useful utility!
Mar 31, 2013 - v2.0.3
by wakuya
Дрянь !!
Oct 28, 2012 - v2.0.0
by serega1812
Разработчик не позаботился даже об установке по-умолчанию АНГЛИЙСКОГО языка !! Не каждый знает,что означают эти закорючки в настройках ! И не понять есть ли вообще настройки!! - Моя оценка минус 100 !! И гнать таких надо с его продуктом в шею!
Easy but Powerful
Oct 16, 2012 - v2.0.0
by pimaniac
I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I frequently need to add and edit chapters in existing video and this lets me save it back into the original mp4 file without any conversion or exporting. It's easy to use and has a good interface. I'll have to explore some of its other features more, but it's going to be a big help!
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