Photo Meta Edit
Photo Meta Edit
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Menu auf Japanisch
Nov 17, 2019 - v2.3.0
Menu ist auf einmal nur noch Japanisch - da kann ich noch knapp das Programm wieder beenden.
The supported languages are English and Japanese.
To launch the app in English:
In the System Preferences of your Mac, choose the Language & Region, and then reorder the languages list as English is upper than Japanese. Or remove Japanese from the list if you don’t need it.
If you have any questions, contact
By Y.MIMORI - Nov 21, 2019
Edited - Nov 23, 2019
Hilfe vom Entwickler erhalten: To launch the app in English: In the System Preferences of your Mac, choose the Language & Region, and then reorder the languages list as English is upper than Japanese. Or remove Japanese from the list if you don’t need it.
eigentlich schön aber kein PNG-Support
Nov 02, 2019 - v2.3.0
by Bitnapper
Warum? Warum kein PNG? Was habt Ihr gegen offene Standards? So ein schönes Werkzeug aber völlig Nutzlos ohne PNG-Support.
As you can see in the description of the app, it's just for JPEG and TIFF.
By Y.MIMORI - Nov 03, 2019
Almost Perfect
Oct 29, 2019 - v2.3.0
by brihar73
Overall, great app! It allows you to customize a ton of details in bulk, save GPS locations, auto-fill fields, and it works with pre-1970 Unix dates. One negative, however, is that it doesn't open PNGs nor MOVs. You can still use macOS's Terminal for those, but it would be more convenient in this app.
As you can see in the description of the app, it's just for JPEG and TIFF.
By Y.MIMORI - Nov 03, 2019

Just right
Oct 04, 2019 - v2.2.9
by Peter Sellars
Photo Meta Edit was just the tool I needed. I had spent hours trying to discover why my photos weren't showing thumbnails on my Epson projector. Gradually I discovered it was about the EXIF data. And then up popped this app to enable me to insert the thumbnails. PERFECT.

Aug 19, 2019 - v2.2.8
by ClimbingKid65
Does exactly what it sets out to do. Very useful.
New Zealand
Jun 19, 2019 - v2.2.8
by Bugeyada
All I ever do is edit GPS coordinates and adjust timestamps by 1 hour because I inevaitably forget to set or revert DST on my camera. Once iPhoto got replaced with Photos this became an ongoign struggel. From exiftool command line operation to various apps, I've finally found the tool that does it well. Also, this is actively being maintained, so your dollars are well spent.

Doesn't support raw files
Mar 09, 2019 - v2.2.6
by 4square
I should've check more carefully, but it just didn't occur to me that any EXIF editing app could possibly not support .dng or other raw files... and of course App Store give no opportunity to buy before you buy. I forgot to be super cautious before buying anything on App Store... doh!
Since years
Mar 04, 2019 - v2.2.6
by Free Picaflor
Every time only perfect.
Many thanks to the developer.

Nov 24, 2018 - v2.2.4
by hamachamps
Works fine for changing dates/times
Nov 16, 2018 - v2.2.4
by theDaveB
Works fine for changing the date/time of images. Was struggling at first but developers explained how OSX handles dates/times and realised you have to change them in multiple places in the file. Once that was explained, it’s a breeze now and use this app a few times a week.

Does not read XMP
Nov 12, 2018 - v2.2.2
by nik.savi
I have photos with XMP data that uses custom namespaces. The data is visible fine in Photoshop and other apps, but this app does not show it at all. I purchased it just for the XMP support as depicted in the screenshots. On to the next app...
Crashes straight after download
Oct 20, 2018 - v2.2.2
by Alex Godfrey
I bought this app today and tried to load photos into it and it crashed every single time.
The photos I am trying to load already have xmp data attached which I could not see using preview for Mac which is pecifically why I bough the app.
I have essentially wated4.5 Euros.
Could you please send the some photos to to fix this issue.
By Y.MIMORI - Oct 21, 2018

Apr 23, 2018 - v2.1.9
by schizo_kid
超かんたん! もちろん細かい緯度経度の数値入力もできます。

Too fiddly!
Nov 16, 2017 - v2.1.8
by 89plot
I bought this to edit .jpg title metadata….which is possible to do….BUT extremely time consuming and fiddly. I’m deleting the app.
Worked for me
Aug 18, 2017 - v2.1.8
by JDP1x
Found this after struggling to change the created date using the touch -t on Mac (was changing the created and modified dates on the face of it but there was still a TIFF date created buried somewhere which wasn’t changing, and I wanted Google Photos to correctly sort some really old pictures). Gave this a try, was able to find the hidden date that the touch -t couldn’t change, changed, saved, all worked a treat. Went through and did for a few hundred.
Jan 29, 2017 - v2.1.8
by 9丁目
Easy to add Description to IPTC Metadata
Oct 13, 2016 - v2.1.8
by cooljewel2
I bought this to add descriptions into the metadata for photos taken with my Samsung smartphone. I use Picasa to manage my pictures and it is unable to write to the file on the Samsung photos like it did with my digital camera. I want the descriptions/comments to be embedded in the picture for sharing and this app easily allowed me to do that.

May 19, 2016 - v2.1.7
by MarGra80
Non acquistate le altre app presenti sullo store, l’ho già fatto io buttando via soldi. Ho provato diversi software del genere ma nessuno a parte questo è in grado di leggere e modificare tutti i metadati registrati nelle foto. E quando dico tutti dico TUTTI: generali, Exif, TIFF, XMP, IPTC, IPTC Core, IPTC(IIM), APP14 (Adobe). Purtroppo l’icona è orrenda e non rende giustizia a quest’app che, oltre ad essere completa e omnicomprensiva, funziona perfettamente. Yuji Mimori migliora l'icona ;)
Do not buy other apps available on the app store, I've done it myself throwing away money. I tried different software like that but no one other than that can read and edit all the metadata recorded in photographs. And when I say all I mean ALL: General, Exif, TIFF, XMP, IPTC, IPTC Core, IPTC (IIM), APP14 (Adobe). Unfortunately the icon is horrible and does not do justice to this app that, in addition to being complete and comprehensive, works perfectly. Yuji Mimori improves the icon ;)
Needs an easier interface
Apr 29, 2016 - v2.1.7
by zellb
I bought this program to batch shift the date/time and set the GPS location.
It took around 10 minutes to figuire out how to actually accomplish this, but now that I know how it will be easy to do again. $4 for a batch EXIF editing program… I like that! Haven’t run into any problems so far. figure
Mar 24, 2016 - v2.1.7
by ころchang7
・exif version 2.1 が使えない!対応してほしい!
Exifのバージョンにかかわらず編集は可能です。ただし、新規でExifを追加する場合はExif バージョン2.3となります。 また、バージョン情報が記載されていない場合も編集時にバージョン情報2.3が付加されます。バージョンを最上位(2.3)以外に変更することはできません。
By Y.MIMORI - May 19, 2016
Mar 24, 2016 - v2.1.7
by みい茶
Excellent for Photo Archiving
Feb 02, 2016 - v2.1.7
by CLE-Lux
Excellent app to correct (edit) and create EXIF metadata for your photos.
I use it to create date on EXIF JPG files for the Photos App to read a correct date for 1900’s archive photos. You can create dates before 1970 with this, which is impossible with date changes of the files themselves, as the date can’t go below 1970.
Not easy to use
Jan 20, 2016 - v2.1.7
by Leif G
To ruff for using should wait on 4.0 release for better features
Doesn’t group correct dates properly
Jan 19, 2016 - v2.1.7
by Chuckji
It seems that whatever I do to adjust the date of a group of photos, the year comes out 9999. If I shift by months or years, even very small number, the year becomes 9999. Other than that….which is really a huge issue for what I am doing now. it seems like a good program.
Works fine now
Jan 16, 2016 - v2.1.7
by Zeldox
Had some trouble after install. Running El Capitan 10.11.2 and all I got after loading a file was a menu bar, no app window.
Checked the online documentation without success. Sent an email to the developer not expecting a reply (indeed anticipating an undeliverable bounce-back).
Happily surprised to get a response within 24 hours offering advice.
Curiously the next time I ran the app it worked fine without the need to do any trouble-shooting (“if at first you don’t succeed…”).
Have now started using the app and it seems to deliver what it offers in the description.
No longer disappointed at my purchase and pleased to know there is a responsive developer willing to assist.
Parfait avant import
Jan 02, 2016 - v2.1.7
by NicoMéli
Absolument indispensable dans mon cas pour traiter les données GPS avant import dans Photos ou Aperture. Mon Canon ne disposant pas pas de GPS c’est la meilleure solution pour y ajouter ces données exif. Je précise bien que je traite ces données avant l’importation dans un un logiciel tiers.

Ne fonctionne pas avec Photo
Nov 25, 2015 - v2.1.6
by toutfou
L’idéee est excellente, mais il est imposible d’acceder directement aux photos stocké dans Photos sous ose, oblige d’esporter et tout re importer.
This app is for editing metadata embedded in jpeg or tiff files, not for editing the data in the library of Apple's Photos/iPhoto. See also.
Only works with new photos so big deal
Nov 10, 2015 - v2.1.6
by Bflatstu
Cannot edit metadata on existing photos in Photos or iPhoto
This app is for editing metadata embedded in jpeg or tiff files, not for editing the data in the library of Apple's Photos/iPhoto. See also.

Oct 13, 2015 - v2.1.5
by KenZo children
OSを10.11にした可能性もありますが起動しなくなりました。残念です。 までご連絡お願いいたします。
Sep 10, 2015 - v2.1.5
by MacLorenz
L’icona è orribile, l’app funziona e fa quello che deve, permette di modificare i metadati dei file immagine compresa latitudine e longitudine.
Come scritto nella descrizione non cambia i metadati delle foto in iphoto (Foto), quindi bisogna trascinarle fuori dalla libreria e poi reimportarle.
Io l’ho usata per sistemare i metadati (data e luogo) di alcune foto vecchie che ho scannerizzato, prima di importarle in Foto.
Esteticamente un po’ così così, però funziona.
Per me è molto buona!

Worked as expected
Jun 03, 2015 - v2.1.4
by M'sieur Eddy
I just needed it for a quick batch editing on photos taken with my Nikon D800 to have the location in the photos that are added to Photos on OS X. Since unfortunately, Photos doesn’t offer the location editing feature as iPhoto used to offer…
Hong Kong
Cannot change creation/modification date
Jun 01, 2015 - v2.1.4
by Erik Zuidema
Seems this app can only change EXIF date but not creation/modification dates which makes it useless for me. Interface also not easy to understand. Whatever I tried I could not get it to change creation/modification date. Also no help included. Advice: if creation/modification date can be changed it should be made easier to find. If it cannot be changed it should be communicated clearly in the app description.
No support for iPhoto photos?
May 25, 2015 - v2.1.4
by logar84
Photos from iPhoto can’t be read? Really? An app for Mac from the Mac App Store can’t open iPhoto photos? Sorry...
Exactly What I needed
May 21, 2015 - v2.1.4
by gman16000
I’m going though several hundrend photographs and adding XMP metadata. This program fits perfectly into my workflow and was the only app I could find for OSX that could edit XMP metadata on multiple images simultaneously.
Thanks for your fine program
May 15, 2015 - v2.1.4
by clarofoto
It works very good.

Czech Republic
May 03, 2015 - v2.1.3
by Mile Oldham
Awful software. It crashes everytime I use it - I have been unable to save any images with modified meta data.
Don’t waste your time and money.
May 02, 2015 - v2.1.3
by Piounours34
Impossible to edit multiple file (more than 2) without a crash under Yosemite. map viewer and editor work only with one file. User Guide and Help missing. Usefull as a meta viewer only. Batch Editing ? Don’t waste your time trying to use this application and save your money.
Quite Useless with Apple’s Applications
May 25, 2015 - v2.1.3
by MikeF59
This application does not modify the metadata for the Photos applications of the Mcbook. It is completely useless with the pictures in the Photos library.
Грамотная программа
Apr 24, 2015 - v2.1.3
by ashmser
Мне понравилось - грамотная программа с хорошей функциональностью, поддерживает все основные типы метаданных в изображениях. Единственная, из виденых мною, которая полностью использует возможности XMP и позволяет хранить описания фотографий сразу на нескольких языках (мне, например, было бы удобно держать инфу на русском и английском), но проблема в том, что другие программы, типа Lightroom и Photos до такого еще не доросли, и эти возможности пропадают даром. Из пожеланий на будущее - хотелось бы чтоб программа умела делать GPS-привязку на основе загружаемых треков.
Apr 10, 2015 - v2.1.3
by whowhowhome

Exceptional update
Mar 18, 2015 - v2.1.2
by quality only please
This is a super powerful application, definitely the best for editing EXIF data.
The new "batch edit” of date-time fields is exceptional and thoroughly useful and well thought out.
In addition, the Apple Maps support makes the mapping experience significantly better than other software.
The developer deserves huge credit for providing new functionality for free via the Mac App Store.

Changes don’t save - DELETED
Mar 13, 2015 - v2.1.1
by kdjonson
I had a program I loved but it no longer works with all the Apple software updates. This program doesn’t work at all. It’s not very intuitive how you get to and add metadata. No help file or support area on developer’s website. Tried changing the metadata date numerous times on numerous files and the changes never stuck. Crap program. Don’t waste your money.
Gute Idee, aber funktioniert nicht besonders gut
Mar 05, 2015 - v2.1.1
by abz-info
Leider werden manche Änderungen erst nach mehreren Anläufen gespeichert. Außerdem funktionieren die Presets nicht. Wenn man seine Metadaten eingegeben hat, kann man sie abspeichern. Allerdings werden sie beim Import nicht zur Gänze übernommen. Schade. Ich hoffe es gibt Updates.
Feb 01, 2015 - v2.1.1
by ひでもん
It's OK
Jan 13, 2015 - v2.1.1
by rsebbe
Ugly icon and weird UI. But it does the job.
Great update
Dec 05, 2014 - v2.1.1
by quality only please
This is a super powerful application, definitely the best for editing EXIF data. The addition of Apple Maps support makes the mapping experience significantly better than the other software. The update for OSX Yosemite has made it even better. Initially it can be hard to figure out how to use the app, and usability could do with a bit of focused improvement. I wish an app with this level of functionality was also on iOS.

Nearly excellent
Oct 31, 2014 - v2.1.0
by Gradivus
There are many apps that let you CHANGE the Exif dates on an image, but this is one of very few that will ADD Exif data to image files that do not have already have Exif data.
So far I’ve only used it to add/adjust image capture dates and it all works perfectly. And it looks to be capable of adding or editing all manner of metadata - Exif, IPTC, GPS, Photoshop, Dublin Core, etc.
It can do batch edits. It displays files as resizable thumbnails (with a good range of sizes), a hierarchical list or a flat list. In the list view there’s an optional small thumbnail too. If it has a lot of files open it helpfully adds a marker to show which ones have been changed but not yet saved so there is no need to work through the files in sequence.
So why only four stars? Two reasons.
1) The app is quite daunting, confusing and not easy to use. This is partly because the whole subject of metadata is complex, but there is no help and some aspects are not intuitive. For example, Exif is shown as a sub-item of TIFF even on a jpg file.
2) I haven’t used the GPS features yet. But from a quick look at them, either I’m seriously misunderstanding things or it’s the most bizarre way of handling GPS coordinates known to man
Oct 01, 2014 - v2.1.0
by The scarred coyote
C’est l’éditeur le plus complet que j’ai trouvé.
Sep 20, 2014 - v2.1.0
by Mesqueeb
写真のEXIFデータを編集だけではなく、追加もできるプログラムをずっと探して、やっとこのプログラムを見つけて、写真を全部整理できました。写真のMeta dataを編集したい方にはお勧めです。
doesn’t seem to work.
Jun 10, 2014 - v2.1.0
by defmaus
nice idea, but the metadata doesn’t seem to ‘stick’. going with another solution. good try.
May 30, 2014 - v2.1.0
by mogmog111
now less stable
May 29, 2014 - v2.1.0
by bross01
great program but the latest update has caused it be unstable. crashes about half of the time when i try to edit multiple files at once. previous version was rock solid.

Does just what it says!
Apr 13, 2014 - v2.0.9
by PhotographicJoe
Very revealing to find how many Profile Photos actually reveal the GPS location! Very useful app to find just how much information you are unknowingly putting in public areas of the Internet! Very worrying too.
App works perfectly.

使い安いです。- DELETED
Feb 13, 2014 - v2.0.8
by 大きな林檎の木の下で
Jan 31, 2014 - v2.0.8
by spaceBuddy
Program crashes when I try to select a .jpg. This program does not work, please fix then I will rate again.
Cannot access Iphoto library
Dec 27, 2013 - v2.0.8
by Fjdgva
I cannot access the photos which are located in the Iphoto Library. Thus I bought it on purpose to modify the photos which are stored there. So it obliges me to export the photos in another file which is too complicate I hope the editor will correct this bug or explain how to proceed

photo meta edit
Dec 06, 2013 - v2.0.7
by Meleeys
This is so tricky to use and i don;t think actually does anything. it doesn;t change exif data- just in the software itself. The GPS is dire with it only allowing you to type in a location name and then unable to move the pin about afterwards to specify and exact location. Useless.

Jun 18, 2013 - v2.0.3
by Anti-Luddite
It works, sometimes. And sometimes it doesn't. It edits pictures, sometimes. And sometimes it doesn't. It has this nice feature where you can create a list of GPS coordinates. That worked great. Sometimes. Sometimes a new location was saved in the list, sometime not. Then the entire list I entered disappeared.
Programs that cause more aggravation then solving problems get discarded into the dustbin of history. Bye bye, don't buy.
I want my money back
Jun 11, 2013 - v2.0.3
by elprofedeadmon
The app doesn't run.
A trap
Jun 07, 2013 - v2.0.3
by Jdguimaraes
A photo app that does not handle .cr2 raw files serves for nothing. Please give me my money back.
Jun 03, 2013 - v2.0.3
by yooooshi
タグナンバーが違うのでしょうか?ちなみにカメラはPEN E-PM2 Exif2.3です。
rubish app
Apr 28, 2013 - v2.0.3
by Zhtt
A waste of money, good for nothing, at least in my case.
As soon as you try to open a photo, the app just crashes, just as simple as that.
Does what it says well.
Feb 28, 2013 - v2.0.3
by John Hatch
Used it to edit the metadata on a .tif. Worked well. Dinged a star because it crashed once and the icon is ugly. I recommend saving after each image you do if you're doing a bunch at once. Other than that, the UI is nice.

absolute waste of money
Jan 02, 2013 - v2.0.2
by Poicale
I am changing the creation date of my photo that is wrong because the setting of the camera was incorrect, it states that it has changed the date, but in the Mac Finder, Adobe bridge etc the creation date is still the original wrong date.
complete waste of 3.59€!
Does not even launch
Dec 18, 2012 - v2.0.2
by ducksflyhigh
Never even got to use it once. Does not even produce any app window. I am on Mountain Lion 10.8.2. My first 3rd party app purchase and will be the last.

funktioniert nicht
Nov 18, 2012 - v2.0.1
by jan.CASU
Habe die Software an 2 Fotos getestet - beim 2ten stürzt die Software ab. Nicht zu empfehlen bis ausgereift.
Werkt niet
Nov 17, 2012 - v2.0.1
by van zwam
Werkt niet op mijn iMac. Een maand geleden de ontwikkelaar van deze app gecontacteerd. Beloofde oplossing met volgende update. Heb deze update vandaag geïnstalleerd. Helaas, het werkt nog steeds niet. Ga het nu deïnstalleren (jammer van het geld)

Totally crap
Oct 26, 2012 - v2.0.0
by FinnalyAnAppleFan
Not even worth one star, way too slow and bought it for the visual geo map, but all it does is display a worldmap...