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User Guide

Opening Files

Choose File > Open and select the movie file(s). Or drag & drop the file(s) to the Frame Grab application icon.

Exporting a Current Displayed Frame

Choose File > Export..., or click the Export button on the toolbar.
Set up the image format, and then click the Save button.

Adding frames to the Queue

To add a current displayed frame:
Choose Operation > Add to Queue, or click the Add to Queue button on the toolbar, or drag & drop the frame to the Queue area.

Continuous Grabbing

Choose Operation > Continuous Grab..., or click the Continuous button on the toolbar. Enter the number of frames you want to add, and choose a unit, frame or second, in the pop-up menu, and enter the interval. And then click the OK button.

Exporting Frames in the Queue

Choose File > Export Queue..., or click the Export Queue button on the toolbar.
Set up the file names format and the images format, and then click the Save button.

Play Selection Only

To select a portion of a movie, choose Controls > Play Selection Only to appear the In / Out selection markers, and then move the markers. To fine-tune the selection, select a marker and move it with the left or right arrow key.

When you choose Controls > Deselect, the selection markers move to the playhead.

Play Control Keyboard Shortcuts

Space bar or returnPlay or Stop
command (⌘) + ↑Go to the beginning of a movie
command (⌘) + ↓Go to the end of a movie
option (⌥) + command (⌘) + ↑Go to the selection start
option (⌥) + command (⌘) + ↓Go to the selection end
Go back one frame
Go forward one frame
command (⌘) + ←Go back 5 seconds (Default)
command (⌘) + →Go forward 5 seconds (Default)
option (⌥) + command (⌘) + ←Go back 30 seconds (Default)
option (⌥) + command (⌘) + →Go forward 30 seconds (Default)
option (⌥) + ←Go back 1 second (Default)
option (⌥) + →Go forward 1 second (Default)
control (⌃) + option (⌥) + ←Go back 0.5 seconds (Default)
control (⌃) + option (⌥) + →Go forward 0.5 seconds (Default)
JSpeed down
KNormal speed
LSpeed up
MReverse play
Customizing Skip Times

Choose Controls > Customize Skip Times...
You can set them to 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 seconds.