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Tagged-Format Metadata

As is written in the Metadata Types, this metadata format defined in TIFF Rev. 6.0 is called Tagged-Format Metadata in this User Guide.

Sorting Items

You can sort by Tag Number, Tag Name or Custom.

Select the metadata type TIFF, Exif or GPS, and then do one of the following.

If you choose sort by Custom, you can drag-and-drop the metadata items in the order you want.

Editing TIFF, Exif
  1. An editable item. Click to edit an embedded metadata item.
  2. An addable item. Click to add a metadata item into image file(s).
  3. Pop-up menu of addable items. Choose an item to add metadata into image file(s).
  4. Remove selected metadata items.
  5. Switch to show only embedded metadata items or to show embedded and addable metadata items.

Double click a metadata item or click or to show the editing sheet for the Tagged-Format Metadata.

♦ Rational Type (e.g. Exposure Time, F Number, Shutter Speed Value)

Recorded two integer values. The first is the numerator and the second is the denominator.

You can also enter decimal fraction or common fraction value directly like the following.

♦ Integer Type (e.g. Focal Length In 35mm Film, Photographic Sensitivity)
♦ Character Type (e.g. Image Description, Copyright)

The most of the character type items of Tagged-Format Metadata can only use ASCII code.

The User Comment Tag #37510 can use the Unicode and JIS code. You should not use the JIS code characters because these are not recognized in most other image viewer apps.

※Unicode Characters Garbled
In Photo Meta Edit v2.2.6, the unicode encoding to use has been changed to become adapted to Apple's Preview version 8.1 or later.
・Up until the version 2.2.5: only used UTF-16BE
・Since the version 2.2.6: UTF-16BE and UTF-16LE are used respectively according to the endianness of the metadata

Endianness is byte order to store data in memory. There are two endiannesses, Big-Endian (BE) and Little-Endian (LE). The LE is that the least significant value in the sequence is stored first. The Tagged-Format metadata (including Exif, GPS) is stored by one of the endiannesses.
You can see which one a metadata is stored by on the metadata type list as below.

Photo Meta Edit version 2.2.6 or later stores and displays unicode characters of TIFF (BE) by UTF-16BE, and of TIFF (LE) by UTF-16LE.

The unicode characters of TIFF (LE) that written by Photo Meta Edit version 2.2.5 and earlier are garbled in version 2.2.6 or later. And also in Apple's Preview version 8.1 or later. Because these are stored by UTF-16BE.

♦ Fixing Garbled Characters
You can fix it in either of the following ways.

1. On the items view:
Choose the TIFF (LE) on the metadata type list, choose an item of garbled unicode characters. Show the context menu, and then choose "Reverse Byte Order".
2. On the Favorites view:
Click the "!" button to show the action view, and then click the "Reverse Byte Order" button.

The Exif specification does not specify an encoding of unicode. It allows you to use the other encodings of unicode. There may be exif editor apps that does not use the UTF-16 encodings. If garbled unicode characters that stored by other than UTF-16 encodings (e.g. UTF-8, UTF-32) cannot be fixed by the below steps.

♦ Choosing Pre-defined Type (e.g. Metering Mode, Light Source, Scene Capture Type)

Choose a value from pre-defined data.

Copy & Paste

Select metadata item(s) you want to copy, and then choose Edit > Copy.

Select image file(s) you want to paste, and then choose Edit > Paste.

Batch Functions for Date-Time metadata

For multiple images, you can use the batch functions to change a Date-Time metadata item of the following.
- Tag #306: Date Time (TIFF)
- Tag #36867: Date Time Original (Exif)
- Tag #36868: Date Time Digitized (Exif)

Select image files you want to edit, and then select "TIFF" or "Exif" in the Metadata Type List

Click of a Date-Time metadata item to show the Batch editing sheet. And then choose a function from the function pop-up button.

Backward, Forward

For Example: Forward 30 minutes

DSCN00672012:10:15 14:28:212012:10:15 14:58:21

DSCN00692012:10:15 15:47:03.252012:10:15 16:17:03.25

DSCN00702012:10:15 15:47:03.282012:10:15 16:17:03.28

DSCN00712012:10:15 16:03:512012:10:15 16:33:51


DSCN00732012:12:24 19:02:392012:12:24 19:32:39


For Example: 10 minute intervals

DSCN00672012:10:15 14:28:212012:10:15 14:28:21(The top date-time is not changed)

DSCN00692012:10:15 15:47:03.252012:10:15 14:38:21.00

DSCN00702012:10:15 15:47:03.282012:10:15 14:48:21.00

DSCN00712012:10:15 16:03:512012:10:15 14:58:21

DSCN0072None2012:10:15 15:08:21(added date-time)

DSCN00732012:12:24 19:02:392012:10:15 15:18:21

You can drag and drop files to change the order of them if necessary.

Date Time

Set the same date time values in each files.


The values of batch editing time fields are applied in a left-to-right order.
Years → Months → Days → Hours → Minutes → Seconds → Subseconds.


It might be appropriate to use day values for incrementing/decrementing. If you need to calculate dates, click the "Date Calculator..." button.


The subsecond metadata are stored in the Exif, separately from date-time metadata.

- Tag #37520: Subsecond of Date Time (#306 in TIFF)
- Tag #37521: Subsecond of Date Time Original (#36867 in Exif)
- Tag #37522: Subsecond of Date Time Digitized (#36868 in Exif)

If you enter a one-digit subsecond value, it will be converted to the two-digit value (centiseconds). Example: 2 → 20

In the Batch editing sheet, you can enter a two or three-digit value (centiseconds or milliseconds).

Editing GPS

To add GPS Coordinates metadata. Do one of the following:
- Choose Metadata > Add > GPS > "Registered Coordinates"
- Choose Metadata > Add > GPS > Custom... and then ckick on the Map

You can edit the GPS Coordinates by clicking on the Map.

Searching GPS Coordinates

Enter keywords, address, street name, and so on in the search field. And then press the return key.
The search results are displayed on the Map.

You can also see them in the Location pop up menu.

To change GPS Coordinates. Do one of the following:
- Choose a result of location in the Location pop up menu.
- Click a blue flag, then the infomation is appeared. Click the Set button.

Showing Direction on the Map

The following three types of GPS direction-related metadata can be displayed on the map.

- Tag #15: Track
- Tag #17: Image Direction
- Tag #24: Destination Bearing

To add/edit the directions, enter a value (0.00 ~ 359.99) or use the circular dials.
North: 0.0, East: 90.0, South: 180.0, West: 270.0

You can choose how to display it like the below, Line, Delta and Camera, by clicking the three-gray-dot button.

TIFF Tag List
Tag Number Title Editable Notes
2560x0100Image Width

2570x0101Image Height

2580x0102Bits Per Sample


2620x0106Photometric Interpretation

2690x010DDocument NameThe name of the document from which this image was scanned. ASCII code.
2700x010EImage DescriptionASCII code
2710x010FMakeASCII code
2720x0110ModelASCII code
2730x0111Strip Offsets

2770x0115Samples Per Pixel

2780x0116Rows Per Strip

2790x0117Strip Byte Counts

2820x011AX Resolution
2830x011BY Resolution
2840x011CPlanar Configuration

2850x011DPage NameThe name of the page from which this image was scanned. ASCII code.
2860x011EX Position
2870x011FY Position
2960x0128Resolution Unit
2970x0129Page NumberThe page number of the page from which this image was scanned.
Page Number/Total Number of Pages
3010x012DTransfer Function

3050x0131SoftwareASCII code
3060x0132Date Timeyyyy:mm:dd HH:MM:SS
3150x013BArtistASCII code
3160x013CHost ComputerASCII code
5290x0211YCbCr Coefficients

5300x0212YCbCr Sub Sampling

5310x0213YCbCr Positioning

5320x0214Reference Black White

334320x8298CopyrightASCII code
Exif Tag List
Tag Number Title Editable Notes
334340x829AExposure Time
334370x829DF Number
348500x8822Exposure Program
348520x8824Spectral Sensitivity

348550x8827ISO Speed RatingsUp till Exif ver. 2.21 (maximum value 65,535)
Photographic SensitivityExif ver. 2.3 or later (maximum value 65,535)
348560x8828Optoelectric Conversion Factor

348640x8830Sensitivity TypeExif ver. 2.3 or later
348650x8831Standard Output Sensitivity
348660x8832Recommended Exposure Index
348670x8833ISO Speed
348680x8834ISO Speed Latitude yyy
348690x8835ISO Speed Latitude zzz
368640x9000Exif VersionCannot change to previous version
368670x9003Date Time Originalyyyy:mm:dd HH:MM:SS
368680x9004Date Time Digitized
368800x9010Offset TimeExif ver. 2.31 or later
368810x9011Offset Time Original
368820x9012Offset Time Digitized
371210x9101Components Configuration

371220x9102Compressed Bits Per Pixel
373770x9201Shutter Speed ValueAPEX value
373780x9202Aperture Value
373790x9203Brightness Value
373800x9204Exposure Bias Value
373810x9205Max Aperture Value
373820x9206Subject Distance (meter)Unknown: 0/1, Infinity: 4294967295/1
373830x9207Metering Mode
373840x9208Light Source
373860x920AFocal Length
373960x9214Subject Area

375000x927CMaker Note

375100x9286User CommentUnicode, ASCII code
375200x9290Subsecond Time
375210x9291Subsecond Time Original
375220x9292Subsecond Time Digitized
378880x9400Temperature (℃)Exif ver. 2.31 or later
Unknown: 0/4294967295
378890x9401Humidity (%)
378900x9402Pressure (hPa)
378910x9403Water Depth (meter)
378920x9404Acceleration (mGal)
378930x9405Camera Elevation Angle (°)
409600xA000Flashpix Version

409610xA001Color Space
409620xA002Pixel X Dimension
409630xA003Pixel Y Dimension
409640xA004Related Sound File

414830xA20BFlash Energy
414840xA20CSpatial Frequency Response

414860xA20EFocal Plane X Resolution
414870xA20FFocal Plane Y Resolution
414880xA210Focal Plane Resolution Unit
414920xA214Subject Location

414930xA215Exposure Index
414950xA217Sensing Method
417280xA300File Source
417290xA301Scene Type
417300xA302CFA Pattern

419850xA401Custom RenderedExif ver. 2.2 or later
419860xA402Exposure Mode
419870xA403White Balance
419880xA404Digital Zoom Ratio
419890xA405Focal Length In 35mm Film
419900xA406Scene Capture Type
419910xA407Gain Control
419950xA40BDevice Setting Description
419960xA40CSubject Distance Range
420160xA420Image Unique ID
420160xA500GammaExif ver. 2.21 or later
420320xA430Camera Owner NameExif ver. 2.3 or later
ASCII code
420330xA431Body Serial Number
420340xA432Lens Specification
420350xA433Lens Make
420360xA434Lens Model
420370xA435Lens Serial Number
GPS Tag List
Tag Number Title Editable Notes
00x0000GPS VersionCannot change to previous version
10x0001Latitude ReferenceNorth / South
30x0003Longitude ReferenceEast / West
50x0005Altitude Reference
70x0007Time StampUTC
100x000AMeasure Mode
110x000BDegree of Precision
120x000CSpeed Unit
140x000ETrack Reference
160x0010Image Direction Reference
170x0011Image Direction
180x0012Map Datum
190x0013Destination Latitude Reference
200x0014Destination Latitude
210x0015Destination Longitude Reference
220x0016Destination Longitude/td>
230x0017Destination Bearing Reference
240x0018Destination Bearing
250x0019Destination Distance Reference
260x001ADestination Distance
270x001BProcessing MethodGPS ver. 2.2 or later
Unicode, ASCII code
280x001CArea Information
290x001DDate StampGPS ver. 2.2 or later (UTC)
300x001EDifferentialGPS ver. 2.2 or later
310x001FHorizontal Positioning ErrorGPS ver. 2.3 or later