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Current Version 2.32
What is mChapters

mChapters is a simple, intuitively and easy-to-use chapter marker editor for MP4/MOV files. Chapter markers will make it easy for users to skip a playing-time to a specific time. It's very useful especially in long duration videos and audios.

mChapters saves chapter marker times and titles as a text track into a file. The text track format is defined by the QuickTime/MP4 specification.
In Mac, you can use them in QuickTime Player, iTunes, Music, TV and other apps which support the format.
In iOS devices, you can use them in apps which support the format. But Apple's Music app and TV app does not support it.

Supported formats

But the app cannot open/play the following files.


System Requirements

macOS 10.15 or later

Version History

Main Window
Chapters with QuickTime Player (version 10.4)